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Our Purpose


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Organization Purpose

The purpose of PaganUnity is to promote family and community. To make the term Pagan and all religions that fall under that category to be normal, accepted household terms. To promote freedom of religion for everyone.

Our Mission

PaganUnity is a family centered spiritual group. Our mission is to promote spiritual growth and community with other Pagans. To build a strong extended Pagan Family, a family which we will be able to meet with, discuss all aspects of spirituality, community and raising a family in today's world. To build a positive relationship with the general community. To be aware politically, and active when and where it is necessary.

Meeting Standards; all attendees are expected to follow:

1. Respect all members of the group, refrain from actions that are upsetting or uncomfortable for others.

2. This is a family group; please be a wonderful role model at all times.

3. Remember this is a Pagan group. Our goal is to provide a warm loving environment for Pagans to commune with other Pagans. Non- Pagan relatives and friends are welcome always and we are happy to share our knowledge and friendship however our goal is not to discuss Mundane things or to cater to the Non-Pagan sector at our gatherings.

4. Children are welcome at all events unless they are specifically advertised as Adult.

5. All members will be expected to contribute in some way other than just showing up at meetings. This can include bringing snacks to share, helping out on a committee, photocopying, helping with flyers, etc.